What Materials are Available for Your Full-Arch Fixed Implant Prosthesis?

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Patients often ask what type of materials are the full-arch fixed implant prosthesis made out of and we currently offer two types of materials. The first type is a “hybrid” or a two-in-one implant prosthesis that is made out of acrylic combined with a metal framework underneath that acts much like a foundation or support for the acrylic material. The second type would be a zirconia implant prosthesis (also referred to as an implant bridge) which is a prosthesis that is made of only one type of material. The zirconia material would be the toughest and strongest of the two types of prosthesis offered but on the flip side costs more. This is not to say that the “hybrid” (acrylic with metal framework) implant prosthesis is not strong (because it is!) but there will be cases where patients will need a much stronger material to withstand extraordinary heavy biting forces that the patient may be experiencing, including but not limited to nocturnal (nighttime) grinding, clenching, etc. Either choice is a good choice; they are both reliable, attractive, strong and very durable. The selection of either one depends on each particular individual’s needs, budget, and personal preference. With this in mind, are you able to tell which type of material was used for one of our patients shown above?

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